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Black Studs & White Sluts 3
Studio: Dark Secret Video

This is the story of a father, Sam, age 38, and his daughter, a squirting female named Jennifer, age 19, and a hot black man named Ray. Our squirting orgasm video opens at producer Michael's house, where Sam is introduced as a friend of Michael's. Sam reveals that he and his wife were divorced after she left him for her black lover.

Jennifer says Pop had been after her to try a hot black man ever since his wife had left. She mentions that she currently has a white boyfriend, who doesn't know she's here today to try out a hot black stud. At about that point, Ray walks into the scene, says hi, as she promptly begins rubbing the front of his pants.

Star(s): Michael, Jennifer,

Kategorie(n): Pro-Am, Housewives, Caucasian Girls, Interracial, Black Men, Cuckold

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