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Black Women Orgasm
Studio: Femorg

This compilation DVD is years in the making! After five years on our quest for real female orgasms from beautiful women from around the globe, we have taken the best of our black women and created the Black Women Orgasm DVD!

Cynthia is featured first and she is seated on the floor on a blanket wearing a little sexy nightie. She starts off by playing with the egg style vibrator on her clit ring, but she doesn't find that toy to her liking, so she quickly changes to the black thingy massager.

It must be a nice, powerful little toy because within just a few minutes, Cynthia is lifting her head back, opening her mouth and quietly hissing. Cynthia has a very muscular, very taunt body and when she places her legs straight out in front of her, it really highlights her leg definition. After a bit, Cynthia pulls her legs back up, further apart and closer to her chest - which just gives an excellent view of her cooch and bottom! Cynthia keeps the toy firmly pressed and buzzing on her clit ring. It's a long and slow build-up for Cynthia, but suddenly she throws her head back, then swirls her hips around in a circular motion as he thighs begin to quiver and her concentration is so intense. Her head drops to her chest for a moment, she lets out a gasp and then her pussy starts contracting in orgasm! It goes on for quite a while too as the smile spreads across her face. She sits up and grabs her toes and says, "That was nice"! We couldn't agree with her more!

With long-haired and pigtails, Joan is featured next making herself comfortable in the bedroom. Joan removes her top and skirt and slips her hand into her panties for a moment before taking those off, too. She moistens her fingers and begins to massage her pussy and clitoris. After a bit, Joan reaches for the little blue dolphin vibe. Although it's tiny, it's concentrated vibrations have Joan arching back and rocking her hips almost immediately. The camera zooms in for a close close-up as Joan's hips rhythmically rock up and down. Joan let's out a moan, a hiss and a few minor high pitched noises as her pussy contractions begin. She rocks and pants her way through a nice orgasm. She is absolutely spent after that one!

An inter-racial girl / girl scene with Lexi and Laura J is next. It's Lexi's turn to cum as she and her lover, Laura J, are seated on the sofa. Lexi is using the purple egg style vibrator as Laura J controls the power on the toy. Lexi's legs are spread across Laura's lap as Laura strokes Lexi's inner thigh, watching her friend masturbating. Lexi dangles the toy just on her clit and it really doesn't take her long at all ro reach orgasm! She lets out a big guttural groan as the pussy contractions start. Lexi closes her legs a bit, though, but keeps the toy going and cums again saying, "Oh fuck!" The toy has a momentary stoppage and the girls joke about Lexi breaking it. Lexi says, "I've cum but I'm going to try to cum again." Then she closes her eyes and gets back to business with the toy. And Lexi does cum again! The girls giggle.

Wearing knee-high black leather boots and nothing else, we see the lovely Lydia (I like alliteration) seated a red futon-style sofa. Lydia gets off the old-fashioned way with just her fingers going 'round and 'round in circles on her clitoris. She lifts her knees up into the air while she rubs. Lydia continues the finger rub over her semi-hairy clit and pussy - showing that inner glistening pink often - with sounds of wetness increasing. Lydia maintains the motion and the rhythm for quite some time while the camera man gently varies the angles and views. After quite some time, Lydia reaches down and pulls her lips apart right at the moment she cums - with lots of nice, perfectly visible contractions and a nice view of her erect clitoris. After the orgasm she pulls her legs up and smiles!

Lovely Lola with large breasts is lying on the bed - naked - massing her clitoris and fondling her breasts. Lola has long hair that is braided into two long pigtails. Lola chooses the old-fashioned style of masturbating, like Lydia - only using her hand and fingers to rub, rub, rub and massage her clitoris. Lola gets her hand and fingers go 'round and 'round in a tight circular pattern on her clitoris, then she starts to gasp. Her legs are spread wide across the bed and at times her face and eyes twitch. Lola starts to gasp, facial twitches, but keeps rubbing until she reaches a nice orgasm! This orgasm is filmed with a fixed camera view, but when she cums, with a couple of big grunts, we can actually see all the contractions and the white girl cum that squeezes out of her pussy! She takes a moment to catch her breath and spread her lips for the close-up camera. Then a big smile spreads across Lola's face!

Star(s): , Lola, Lexi

Kategorie(n): Pro-Am, Solo Girls, COMPILATIONS, Black Women, Masturbation

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