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Studio: Explicita Video

A day and a dream in the life of one horny young woman who isn't afraid to get what she wants. Follow this sexy chick to the gym where she blows a line of guys and receives facials from them all. The next stop is back home to masturbate and fall asleep.

Once she's asleep, take a peek into her perverted mind as she returns to the gym in her dreams to take total control. She sucks all of the cocks in and around her mouth with fiery zeal. She hops from cock to cock, fucking them in every which way. When the guys begin to number too many, she lets them double penetrate her vagina and ass. Finally, she takes every cumshot to the face in a very happy dream.

Star(s): Patricia

Kategorie(n): Gangbang - M on F, Brazilian, Portuguese, Latina, Brazil

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