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Big Butt Attack 7
Studio: Buttman

Buttman Magazine presents Raul Cristian's BIG BUTT ATTACK 7, the latest in the Euro-director's ongoing catalog of strident sodomy performed by well-muscled studs upon exquisite Eastern European trollops. Seven scenes of expertly lensed anal ravagement deliver the level of quality and heat Raul fans have come to expect and demand... Accept no imitations!

Scene one: Renee Pornero shows off in her sparkly top, silver shorts and clear stripper heels. Working her way down to the hells, she also starts working a few fingers into her pussy. She applies a glittering dildo to her ass, stroking her clit at the same time. On cue, George Reno, Nick Lang and James Brossman enter. Already down on her knees, she opens wide and frantically services each cock. Lifted onto one of their laps for a reverse cowgirl ride, she keeps sucking the other cocks. After a few minutes of pussy-fucking, the fellows come to the main course: her ass. They stand in a neat line waiting their turn to plunge between her widely splayed legs and deep into her pooper. Finally, the gentlemen surround the lady and roughly face-fuck her until her mouth is overflowing with cum, which she gargles and swallows.

Scene two: Romanian Tomy Style is a long, tan taut drink of European fizzy water lounging on the couch in a bikini, showing off just how ridiculously lengthy her legs are. When the tall, dark beauty stands, she mugs down at the camera before peeling down her bottoms and letting Raul wet his thumb from behind camera and soften up her asshole while she slides her fingers between her darker-hued labia. She masturbates, heels up behind her head, as Raul shoves a horse-haired dildo up her ass and in her mouth. Claudio Meloni and James Brossman enter from either side, and she gets to work sucking them off. Looking at the camera with wild eyes, she shoves both in her mouth at once. One stud bends her over the other's lap so she can keep practicing her sucking while he rails her pussy, swiftly graduating to her ass. The guys concentrate on her ass for the rest of the scene, trading off through doggie and reverse-cowgirl positions, the other always keeping his cock warm and ready in her mouth. They both squeeze out loads into Tomy's mouth which she laps up with gusto before swallowing.

Scene three: Brunettes Claudia Rossi and Sheridan are lingerie-clad and very friendly with each other as they mug for Raul's lens. They make-out at length and feel each other up, slowly peeling away each other's clothes as nipples are tweaked and clits squeezed. Once they're naked, they go muff-diving, followed by Claudia exploring Sheridan's pert anus with a long, thin double-headed dildo. Sheridan fucks Claudia's pussy with the other end, and then both suck on either end until Nick Lang materializes and the girls switch from latex to flesh without missing a beat, lavishing his stiffie with lots of mouth-love. After warming up in her vagina, Lang pierces Claudia's ass in a vigorous reverse cowgirl, while Sheridan cuddles next to them, fucking her own ass with the dildo in anticipation of her turn with Lang. Lang tries to line the two girls ass-up on the sofa but Sheridan keeps grabbing his cock for an ass to mouth slurp; he still manages to show off an enormous gape on Claudia. Stacking the two asses on top of each other, he goes back and forth between them, and then strokes a thick load that splatters across both girls' faces. They happily lap it off each other's cheeks.

Scene four: Cora Carina is a bubbly, long-legged bottle-blonde, a Hungarian teen angel who likes flirting with the camera. She shows off her thin frame and small breasts capped by pert nipples; tearing a hole in her white fishnet pantyhose, she helps Raul spread her shaved pussy extra-wide for inspection. Kneeling on the floor, she warms up her pussy and her asshole with a thick purple dildo. She lies back on the sofa and James Brossman and Leslie enter the picture, one hiking his foot up on the back of the couch to mouthfuck Cora, while the other pumps her missionary-style. She sucks off both cocks and gets sodomized in reverse cowgirl, her mouth full at the same time. It's all a warm-up for the main attraction, though - it turns out Cora just loves being lifted in the air while she's being ass-fucked. Once the guys perfect that particular drill, the double-penetration starts in earnest, working up to the little teen spinner being suspended in mid-air while the guys fuck both her holes - hard. She bats her eyes at the camera as the guys squirt in her mouth, spilling what doesn't go straight in her mouth on her teenage chin and flat chest. She giggles, licks her fingers, and pronounces the flavor "gut!"

Scene five: Claudia Ferrari is a 25-year-old Hungarian brunette with beautiful dark skin, long legs, and an enticingly full figure. She shows off in her pink and white lingerie, exposing her medium-sized but perfectly formed breasts, before leaning back on a chair and hiking her legs back so she can rub her pussy while Raul fucks her ass with an extra-large buttplug. The full-lipped, green-eyed siren barely has a chance to taste her ass on the buttplug before studboy Leslie comes in and squats over her face so she can worship his cock. They switch places so he can relax while she stands, bending over to suck so we can see her work from between her legs. She hops on for a cowgirl ride, going straight to the anal. Leslie lays her down on her belly on a leather bench, and pounds between her cheeks until Claudia has an impressive gape going. The anal pounding continues through missionary, and then Claudia greedily licks up every drop of Leslie's cum.

Scene six: Janet is a slim, 24-year-old brunette from Prague with high, hard tits and a camel toe to die for. Her tease is slow, sexy and quiet, until Raul throws some water on her, which makes her T-shirt and shorts even tighter and more see-through. She unleashes her boobs and pinches her baby-nipples, yanking on her shorts to give herself a wedgie. After she strips down completely, Leslie and Mugur enter stages left and right, one sliding right into her pussy as she lavishes her attention on the other's cock with some hungry head. She practices her double blowjob technique before collapsing on her back on the divan, making it easy to fuck her mouth and pound her upward-angled pussy at the same time. This leads to invasion of her ass, her cocksucking not missing a beat until a particularly rough flurry of thrusts that inspire her first gape of the scene. She perches on the arm of the divan so she can suck and be fucked harder. Then she retires to the lap of one stud, so he and his pal can take turns pronging her now-open asshole as she writhes. Finally, she's sodomized in cowgirl before laying her head back on the sofa, opening wide and consuming two shots of European-flavored cum.

Star(s): Renee Pornero, Nick Lang, , Claudia Rossi, James Brossman

Kategorie(n): M on F, Big Butts, Anal

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