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All-Star Anal Sluts (Disc 1)
Studio: Manuel Ferrara Productions

Director/star stud/bon vivant Manuel Ferrara presents All-Star Anal Sluts, a dazzling array of gorgeous beauties, ferocious lust and breathtakingly intense anal sex. The result combines some of the finest butt fuck performances in the current XXX generation and succinctly sums up the power of Manuel's sexuality on one double-DVD compilation.

Glamorous, petite, dirty blonde Jenna Haze looks stunning as she teases the camera skimpily wrapped in hot pink bondage tape, with her gorgeous, naked ass protruding. She crawls to the camera and begs for cock somehow both sweetly and nastily, but Jenna proves to be a verbally filthy girl throughout this scene. After mouth and pussy fucks heat her up, she takes a doggie-style rump reaming, her perfectly round cheeks tiny in comparison to Manuel's monster meat. She sucks it clean of her own ass juice, then goes back for a lot more anal stuffing. Jenna talks a lot of furious shit when she's not whimpering in joy. It takes her two little hands to jerk his load onto her tongue and face; then all that's left is to spread and display the still pretty pink anus she says has been "destroyed."

When Manuel finds statuesque blonde Phoenix Marie nearly naked in a jacuzzi, he declares that her ass belongs in the Louvre. It's all the more artistic as it gapes widely for his tongue immediately following a straight-to-the-ass fuck. Phoenix calls herself a dirty girl and says she likes being manhandled and having her face and ass smacked; Manuel obliges in this rough scene, thoughtfully choking and pulling hair, too. Face-sitting, 69 and rim jobs going both directions decorate this scene.

Racy, little Latina Kristina Rose is always arousing to watch and always an insatiable bucket of lust, but never more than with Manuel. After a lengthy tease session, she smears his face with her wet holes and yanks his head up her crack. But he reminds her who's in charge, dunking her head in a toilet! That just makes a horny, submissive ass freak desperate, and soon she's deeply tonguing his asshole, then somehow deep-throating his fat prick. She spreads her behind with both hands, inserting six fingers in her bunghole, and he butt-fucks her right into the bed. Like the entire scene, this is hard, intense, loudly loin-slapping sex that leaves her thrilled. For the finale, he drags the crawling slut by the hair and dunks her head in another toilet, then flushes it as he spanks and porks her asshole.

Amy Brooke's God-sculpted ass, her deep-seated, anal-centric lust and her pretty, winking butthole ring seduce Manuel. He straps on a blue dildo to give her a one-man double-penetration: his prick in her butt and the strap-on in her twat! The talkative tramp exclaims, "I wanna suck your cock and see how good I taste." A doggie-style, to-the-balls ass-porking makes her gape, and she takes three toys simultaneously up her ass.

Star(s): Jenna Haze, Manuel Ferrara, Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie

Kategorie(n): M on F, Big Butts, Anal, Gaper, Modern

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